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We offer a complete service of American Kitchen in Amsterdam. We sell, renovate and install our retro design kitchens designed by Raymond Loewy and adapt them completely to your wishes and standards of contemporary kitchen.

We make identical doors and fronts for built-in appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and microwaves. If desired, we can provide your classic design kitchen with handy built-in (drawer) systems and so-called “roll-outs”.

American Kitchen | Retro keuken | Raymond Loewy
American Kitchen | Sixties | Tijdloos ontwerp

What makes an American Kitchen so special?

If you choose an American Kitchen, you are choosing for a revolutionary design kitchen, which was introduced in 1953 by the famous American designer Raymond Loewy. This American kitchen has now become a sought-after collector’s item, which has been exhibited as a design and art object by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The subtle streamlined design with its rounded handle-less drawers, the radical and progressive use of materials such as metal and vinyl, as well as the modular construction and multifunctionality, make these classic design kitchens unique in its kind.

Compose the new American Kitchen yourself

Do you want to put your American Kitchen together according to your own wishes? You have come to the right place for that. We are specialized in supplying these special retro kitchens and matching furniture in any desired color and size.

How do we work? Read about our method, which is explained in a number of clear steps.
Your new or renovated American kitchen meets all current standards in terms of convenience and user-friendliness.
For new kitchen worktops we offer the following options; made of stainless steel, HD concrete or covered with a hard and durable vinyl type in a color of your choice.

Renovate, adapt or expand existing American Kitchen

Do you already have an American Kitchen? Then we can renovate, adapt and/or expand it for you through our upcycling process. During renovation or restoration, the kitchen will be blasted and powder coated by us in a RAL color of your choice.

In addition, it is possible to spray the kitchen in any other desired color by means of so-called “wet painting”.

You can expand your American kitchen with extra cabinets and/or custom doors for dishwasher and refrigerator and other built-in fronts.

We also replace old worktops with a new stainless steel or HD Concrete worktop, covered with vinyl in your favorite color.

Sinks are polished like new again and the moving parts are checked and cleaned and where necessary replaced or repaired.

Do you want something a little different? Then choose the industrial vintage design of our American Kitchen! Make an appointment and visit our showroom for a completely non-committal design and a suitable quote!

Make an appointment and visit our showroom

We are located at Motorkade 8B in Amsterdam-North. View various American Kitchens in our showroom and discuss your wishes and the possibilities for this amazingly beautiful, classic design kitchen!

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Visit our showroom at Motorkade 8B, 1021 JR, Amsterdam (by appointment only)

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